Monday, December 22, 2008

Douglas Fuerstenau, continued, Parts 2, 3, and 4

As mentioned in my last blog posting, Douglas W. Fuerstenau was recently honored on his 80th birthday. On the right he is shown in a photo taken several years ago with 3 of his former students, all professors at Penn State (me on the left, Prof. Fuerstenau, Prof. Richard Hogg, and the late Prof. Subhash Chander.)

My written tribute to DWF recalled how in graduate school I knew that he was very, very busy, but whenever I went to his office I always felt he was 100% there for me. Later, as I got older and went to conferences I was always struck by how attentive he was in listening to people’s presentations. . . Prof. Fuerstenau was a mentor long before the word became a cliché. It has been my good fortune to learn firsthand from him how a research group can become a genuine academic family.

In Part 1, DWF talked about the mentors in his professional life.
Below are the remaining video clips taken from his remarks at the symposium held in California in December, 2008.

Part 2: Approach to Research

Part 3: Evolution of Research Topics

Part 4: The Future of Minerals/Materials Processing

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abdel Zaher said...

The Video clips (1 thru 4) for DWF 80th Birthday were really remarkable. DWF's words of wisdom put down guidelines for those who would like to be remembered by professionals in their fields. He quietly and patiently proved himself as a great scientist who guided a large school of students around the world most of whom are now leaders in Mineral Processing.

Abdel Abouzeid

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