Saturday, May 28, 2011

If you educate a girl, Part VIII

The African University of Science and Technology (AUST)-Abuja opened its doors to students in 2008. This post-graduate institution offers masters degrees in four fields: mathematics, computer science, materials science and engineering, and petroleum engineering. Among the second batch of students (2009/10) were several women. I posted an interview with one of them previously.

I also spoke with two of the computer science students, Adedoyin Adegoke and Dorothy Maduagwu. They shared some of the challenges they have faced as they seek to pursue their academic goals.

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Buchie said...

I know of a polygamous family in Delta State of Nigeria,where the father,ensured he paid the children's school fees(both male & female).

The first wife has boys & a girl,while the younger one has 3girls.

At some point,he said the 3girls do not need education,after all,men will come and marry them out of the house,so he decided to stop attending to the educational needs of the younger wife's three girls.

The younger wife,who is a determined woman and knows the value Education for the girl child,took it upon herself and decided to take responsibility of her girls education,after her husband lied that he didn't have money to educate them anymore.

Today,she's a proud mother of two master degree holders in Geography & Regional Planning and Business Administration.The third girl is pursuing her masters degree admission.

As for the 5 boys and a girl from the first wife,who their father gave attention to,none is interested to further their education,because they have other important things to attend to.

Variety,they say, is the spice of life,when you educate all your children,regardless of their sex,they put their different expertise to work and you enjoy them later.

It is indeed important to educate both sex of children,because each of them have different potentials and they actually have the right to knowledge,which indeed is power.

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